Plans Gantt Widget Parameters

Modified on Fri, 03 Apr 2020 at 02:51 PM

The Plans Gantt widget is listed under Plans tag. It shows Polarion Plans as items on the Gantt chartt.


Currently, it is possible to have only one Work Item Gantt widget on a page.

Widget Parameters

  • Plans - a standard data set parameter. Select what plans you want to see on your Gantt chart.

  • Sort by - the sort criteria to sort the plans.

  • Load Children - define how many levels of child plans should be traversed and added to the list in addition to the items from Plans` date set parameter.

    Zero (0) means that no additional items are shown.

  • Show Unplanned - click on no to hide all the plans that do not have the start date set.

    If you keep it set to yes, such tasks will be in the list, scheduled for 'Today', and marked by gray color.

  • Scale ( D || W || M ) - configures the scale of the Gantt timeline. Values are:

    • 'D' - day
    • 'W' - week
    • 'M' - Month

Advanced Parameters

  • Maximize View - configure if the widget should expand its content over the full working area. See Setup.

  • Drag Children - configure if you want the child items to be rescheduled when dragging their parent's item.

  • Max Items - (Integer) limits the maximum number of plans loaded into the Gantt view.

  • Gantt Config Script - a optional javascript snippet executed on the client, usually used to add additional Gantt configuration options.

    Example: How to set the Gantt time range?.

  • Item Script - a server side javascript snippet executed on the server to decorate the task based on the work item properties.

    Example: How to change text on right?

  • Markers Script - a server side javascript snippet executed on the server to prepare the collection of markers. Every customer is tracking the milestone differently (as timeponts, plans, workitems ...), so we keep it as much flexible as possible and we provide scripting option..

    Example: How to add Markers via Marker Script?

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