Configure the style of row header

Modified on Sat, 06 Feb 2021 at 10:43 PM

You can configure the styles that are applied to the row header column, for example that the left-border of the row header corresponds to the New Risk Priority Number

Config file

Please follow this article, to learn where is the configuration file located, see:  Configure risksheet columns


To configure the row header style, you would need to adjust: 

  1. headers.rowHeader.renderer
  2. cellDecorators
  3. styles




    "rowHeaderRpnNew":"function(info){\n var val = info.item['rpnNew'];\n wijmo.toggleClass(info.cell, 'rowHeadRpn1', val>0 && val <= 150 );\n wijmo.toggleClass(info.cell, 'rowHeadRpn2', val>0 && val > 150 && val <= 250);\n wijmo.toggleClass(info.cell, 'rowHeadRpn3', val>0 && val > 250);}"  
    ".rowHeadRpn1":"{border-left: 7px solid #B0D444 !important;}",
    ".rowHeadRpn2":"{border-left: 7px solid #FFFE54 !important;}",
    ".rowHeadRpn3":"{border-left: 7px solid #F3AEAC !important;}",    

The rowHeader.renderer points to javascript function defined in shared cellDecorators section.

So the rowHeaderRpnNew is a function, that  gets as an input the Row Header cell, and sets the style, in this case  when value is smaller to 150 the style "rowHeadRpn1" is assigned.

The style "rowHeadRpn1" is configured in the styles section.

NOTE: configuration file bellow was  cut, so it shows just a relevant parts of the configuration file.

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