How to create a dependency link?

Modified on Mon, 17 Feb 2020 at 11:59 AM

So you want to create dependencies between items on Gantt. This is simple with graphical link builder:

  1. Drag the start link circle
  2. Connect it with end link circle

How to enable it?

But to enable this, you need to tell the gantt chart with Polarion link role has the "dependency" meaning

  1. Go to Edit mode
  2. Open Widget Properties
  3. Work Items > Dependecy Roles (if multiple are selected, the first one is used by the visual builder)

Link directions

The standard Gantt charts draw the link arrow from the source of the dependency to a dependant item. On the other hand by default Polarion has a link role "depends_on" that links the dependant item to a source.

So Nextedy Gantt by default reverse direction of the arrows, and shows it how it should be on Gantt. 

If you setup Polarion with a different link role, so the source point to a dependant item, you can use a config property: nextedy.gantt.workitems.default.forward_dependency Check: context-properties page .

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