The widgets are standard polarion extensions,  you need to follow a standard Polarion procedure to install the extensions.

PREREQUISITE. Download the distribution  from and unpack it. (You will find the installation instructions there as well).

  1. Unpack / Unzip the downloaded

  2. Copy `com.nextedy.polarion.gantt` folder into `POLARION_INSTALL_LOCATION/polarion/extension` folder.

  3. If you already have production license, please copy the `gantt_lic.json` file to `[POLARION_INSTALL]/polarion/license`

  4. Delete `[POLARION_INSTALL]/data/workspace/.config`
    Make sure you perform this step also when updating the Nextedy plugins. .config does not hold any other data that caches about the installed plugins, it does NOT make polarion slower in any way as well. This step is actually recommended by Polarion support.

  5. Restart Polarion server

Install Demo Project

It is trivial to setup gantt for existing projects, but if you want to start quickly, you can setup a demo project:

  1. Once your Polarion server is started
  2. Open "Polarion Administration"
  3. Navigate to "Nextedy GANTT > Setup"
  4. And follow the instructions there

Setup Your Own Gantt Page

As it was said above, it is trivial to setup Gantt view in your project, follow "Setup Gantt View" article.