So you obtained the license file via email and now you need to install it. 

The procedure is simple, please:

  1. Check that your license file is ends with 'PRODUCTNAME_lic.json', (e.g. YOURCOMPANY-gantt_lic.json, or YOURCOMPANY-risksheet_lic.json ...)  
  2. Copy the license file to the folder on the server: `[POLARION_INSTALL]/polarion/license`
    (It is the same folder where the Polarion license is located)
  3. You do not need to restart Polarion server, just open Polarion Administration > Nextedy PRODUCT_NAME > License. This will reload the license file.
  4. Some Nextedy products requires selection of active users - please open Polarion Administration > Nextedy PRODUCT_NAME > License page and follow instructions there.

Polarion Cluster Setup

In case you have a clustered polarion setup (with multiple Polarion nodes), currently you need to put license on each node to: `[POLARION_INSTALL]/polarion/license`