To install Nextedy Worksheet to your Polarion ALM you need to :

  1. Install the Plugin
  2. Setup the Plugin

1. Install Plugin (on server)

  1. Download the latest distribution from here
  2. Stop Polarion service
  3. Unzip downloaded
  4. Copy com.nextedy.polarion.worksheet folder into [POLARION_INSTALL]/polarion/extension folder.
  5. If you already have production license, please copy the worksheet_lic.json file to [POLARION_INSTALL]/polarion/license
  6. Delete [POLARION_INSTALL]/data/workspace/.config
  7. Start Polarion service

Note: Please, do not forget about step 6.

2. Setup (using Polarion Web UI)

After installation open your Polarion web interface and navigate to:

     "Global Administration > Worksheet > Setup"

Img. 1 - Install Plugin (on server)

Img. 2 - Setup (using Polarion Web UI)