Add Worksheet Navigation Entry

  1. Go to Project Administration > Portal > Topics
  2. Select Default view
  3. Add there:
    <topic id="worksheet"/>

Setup Team Work Item Type

  1. Go to Project Administration > Work Items > Types
  2. Setup a new work item type with ID "team"
  3. Setup custom fields for the Team work item
    i.e. go to Project Administration > Work Items > Custom Fields
  4. Create new configuration for type 'Team'
  5. Add multi-valued custom field members of type Enum:User
  6. Add custom field properties of type Text (multi line)


If you want to use other work items than those with, or if you want to load the team items from other than current project, use following context property to override the default:{0} AND type:team

You can also change the name of the properties custom field by context property:

Add Team Items

  1. Go to Project > Work Items > Team
  2. Create your teams by creating an item of type "team"
  3. Select team members by using custom field "members"
  4. Optionally setup team "properties",8,8,2,2,2,0 Team Tasks{1} AND NOT HAS_VALUE:resolution Team Tasks{1} AND  HAS_VALUE:resolution{2} AND type:(event) AND{1}