Update to Gantt to the latest version

Modified on Tue, 26 Jan 2021 at 11:02 AM

Update Check

There is an administration page that helps you check if there is a new version.

  1. Go to Polarion Administration
  2. Select : Nextedy GANTT > Setup
  3. Click button "Check for Updates"
  4. It tells you what is the latest version available:

Due to privacy reasons, we do not run any scripts downloaded from our download server. This is a reason, why we cannot compare the dates automatically. 

Manual Update

  1. Download the new version from https://www.nextedy.com/product/nextedy-gantt/#download
  2. Stop Polarion server
  3. Uninstall Gantt - i.e. delete `POLARION_INSTALL_LOCATION/polarion/extension/com.nextedy.polarion.gantt
  4. Install new version: as described https://nextedy.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/48000354777-what-is-the-installation-procedure

Please, do not forget step #4 from installation procedure:

    Delete `[POLARION_INSTALL]/data/workspace/.config`

Automated Updater (on Linux)

We are sharing an easy way how to update the extension to the latest version with a single click. 

Create update_gantt.sh script with following content:


cd /opt/polarion/polarion/extensions/

echo Currently installed version:
cat com.nextedy.polarion.gantt/.bnum

echo Going to install version:
curl -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' https://download.nextedy.com/gantt/bnum.txt?$(date +%s)

read -p "Are you sure you wish to install this version? y/n "
if [ "$REPLY" != "y" ]; then

rm -R -f com.nextedy.polarion.gantt/

wget https://download.nextedy.com/gantt/nextedy_gantt.zip

unzip nextedy_gantt.zip
rm -f nextedy_gantt.zip
rm -f GANTT_README.txt

service polarion restart

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