How to create checklist template?

Modified on Fri, 20 May 2022 at 09:21 AM

You can define a checklist template and make your checklist centrally managed. All changes to a checklist template are instantly promoted to all the work items

There are two options on how to do it...

1) Use a checklist-only templates

Use Configuration Property nextedy.checklist._TYPEID._FIELDID.workItemTemplateId  . 

  1. Open Polarion Project Administration > Configuration Properties
  2. Add the properties such as:
    1. nextedy.checklist.requirement.chkApproved.workItemTemplateId=WI-124
      (requirement is a type of the work item, chkApproved is a checklist ID)
    2. nextedy.checklist.chkDone.workItemTemplateId=WI-125
      (work item type is omitted, applies to any type, chkDone is a checklist ID)
    3. nextedy.checklist.documentSpecification.documentReadyChecklist.documentTemplateId=Specification/Product Spec Template
      (documentSpecification is a type of the LiveDoc, documentReadyChecklist is a checklist ID)

For Work Items you can use a Polarion built-in work item templates (BUT See warning bellow)

You can use Polarion built-in templates as well. In such a case,  please, check the WARNING note bellow. 

  1. Create a new work item, e.g. with title "TEMPLATE"
  2. Mark it resolved so it disappears from the default views
  3. and refer to this item from the workitem-type-enum

WARNING - Duplicated checklist items when Polarion item template is used 

When you use the Option 2) Polarion Templates, please be aware that there is a bug in current versions of Polarion (it is not a bug in Nextedy Checklist), that when it copies data from template to new item, it changes format from Text to Richtext. To workaround this follow this guide:

  1. Open a workflow configuration for your work  item type
  2. Select an "init" action 
  3. Add a function: ChecklistResetToTemplate
  4. Add a parameter "checklist" with value "name of your checklist custom field"

In this way, you reset the checklist after the new item is created, and the field type is fixed after creation. 

We are speaking to Siemens to fix this bug in one of the next versions, so this workaround is not needed ...

Global Templates (Shared Template in another project)

Sometimes you want to use a checklist template stored in another project. To encode a project id into template id use following format:   PROJECTID:WORKITEMID


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