The document checklist is a LiveDoc custom field. To set up a checklist you need to:


  1. Create a new document custom field
  2. Put a panel to your LiveDoc
  3. [optional] Define a checklist template

1) Create a new custom field

This step is simple, just create a new custom field of type Text (multi-line plain text).

2) Put a panel to your LiveDoc

  1. Open your live document
  2. Navigate to the place where you want to have your Checklist presented
  3. Insert Wiki Block
  4. Put the following content into it:
    • the "dod" is the name of your document checklist custom field
    • the call of the method title("Checklist") is optional, you can avoid it if you do not want the title to be added to the checklist.
    • you can also add method ...).hideInPdf().render() to the snippet if you do not want checklist in PDF exports.

  5. After save, you will see the checklist panel:

3) [optional] Define a checklist template

This is described in the following article: How to create a checklist template?