You can define the following properties in Administration > Configuration Properties.

  • nextedy.checklist._TYPEID._FIELDID.workItemTemplateId 
  • nextedy.checklist._TYPEID._FIELDID.allMandatory - configures if all the steps are mandatory

Where _TYPEID_ or _FIELDID_ is optional, so if you have a custom field with ID "dod" (definition of done) for a work item type with id "userstory", and you want to configure that all the checklist items are mandatory you can setup a property:

  • nextedy.checklist.userstory.dod.allMandatory=true - applies just for "dod" on story level
  • nextedy.checklist.dod.allMandatory=true - applies just for "dod" checklist for any workitem type
  • nextedy.checklist.userstory.allMandatory=true - applies just for any checklist for 'userstory' workitem type
  • nextedy.checklist.allMandatory=true - applies just for any checklist 

The system is searching for the properties in the order mentioned above