Setup new Work Items checklist

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Note:  To set up the document checklist - follow this article: Setup New Document Checklist

The work items checklist is a Work item custom field. To setup a checklist you need to:

  1. Create new custom field
  2. Configure the Work Item Form  to edit the custom field
  3. [optiona] Setup Summary Field
  4. [optional] Define a checklist template

1) Create a new custom field

This step is simple, just create a new custom field of type Text (multi-line plain text).

2) Configure form extension

First, make sure the custom field is exposed on work item form, either as part of PANEL or as part of SECTION. This is a mandatory step. This field will be hided by the form extension, but it still needs to be present in the configuration.

It is NOT supported to have the checklist <field> outside of <panel> or <section>

Second, add ChecklistFormExtension work item extension to the desired place on a form:

    <extension checklistId="dod" id="ChecklistFormExtension" label="Definition of Ready"/>

  • The checklistId refers to the ID of your custom field
  • The label can be whatever you like, it is a title of the section in the UI
  • The Id must be ChecklistFormExtension

3) [optional] Setup Summary Field

A summary field holds the information about a checklist completion:

  1. Create a new custom field of type String (single line plain text), and id YOUR_CHECKLIST_ID_summary, so if your checklist custom fields from step 1) is "dod" create a custom field "dod_summary"
  2. Make this field read-only using the config page for read-only fields (NOT by permissions)
  3. [MANDATORY]  Set that you want to calculate the summary field for the checklist using "Project Administration > Config Properties"
    (As you see it is a coma separated list)

4) [optional] Define a checklist template

This is described in following article: How to create a checklist template? 

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