How to configure "create new" action

Modified on Mon, 04 Jan 2021 at 05:47 PM

Nextedy GANTT since version 4.0 allows you to create new items interactively. You may want to build the menu like the one bellow:

The "create new" menu is configured independently on the data you show on the chart. You need to specify

  • what Item types you can create 
  • what are the structure constraints
  • what is the presentation type

Let's go step by step by this, in the widget properties you can define the item types:

For each item type you can set:

  • Item Type this is mandatory, and you need to select the item type you are configuring
  • Gantt Type
    • Item: a default option, the item (work item or plan) schedule is controlled manually 
    • Project (Schedule is derived from children): if you select this option, the parent schedule is not controlled manually, by derived from the children
    • Milestone: an item will be rendered as diagonal square, that represent a target date.
  • Enable Create New: will this type be listed in "Create new" dropdown
  • Parent Mode:
    • No Parent (Root Item) - if you select this, the  items will have the "parent" drop down disabled, and items will be created only on top level
    • Parent Allowed (Anywhere) - such items can be created anywhere in the structure
    • Parent Required (Child Only) - the "parent" value is mandatory
  • Parent Types: select what are the allowed items as a parent. E.g. a "workpackage" has a "theme" as a parent
    NOTE: this must be combined with widget property "Parent roles"
  • Project: if your Gantt chart is defined on a global level, or you want some of the children defined in another project, here you can define a target project

There are two other properties under Work Item Types Configuration:

  • Pre-save Init Hooks: Client-side Javascript
  • Pre-save Init Hooks: Server-side Javascript

These two scripts are executed on the client (resp. server) prior the "save". You can set some custom fields based on your defaults or based on parent item. Please contact us to seek assistance with writing those scripts.

Plan Gantt Chart

For Plan Gantt chart, you need to specify the structure for plans independently from structure of work items.

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