How Planningboard works

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In this article we will take a look at the Planningboard, its functionality and opportunities that it can give to your project.

  • The screen contains 2 main parts: the Planningboard with planned items and the Unplanned section with items that are still waiting to be planned.

    • You can drag and drop the cards from the Unplanned section to set them for a specific Plan. 

  • The main elements on the Planningboard are columns and swimlanes (rows)

    • In our example (based on the default E-Library demo project) there are Plans/Iterations as columns and Assignees as rows. Of course, it can be changed according to your project needs.

  • Let's have a closer look at the Card and its content.

The content of the card is fully customizable, check this link to see more: Customise the content of the card

There are also 3 parameters on the upper right side of the card:

- Show Links: shows all existing links between the chosen card with others;

  •        If you click on it, it will hide the rest of the Cards and leave only the chosen one and its links.

- Add Link: creates a link between chosen and another card;

  •  If you click on it, it will highlight the same icon on the right side of all Cards. You should click on it to create a connection. 
  • If the color of the icon is red, this means that a connection exists, and if needed you can delete it.

So as you see we created one more link between cards, and now if we show links again it will load something like that:

- Unplan item: moves selected card from the Planning Board to the Unplanned section;

  •        By clicking on it you will move the card from the Planningboard to the Unplanned section.

  • Let's have a look at the little upper-left panel

  •  The first icon reloads the page;
  • "Toggle Resource load visualization" hides a load of each assignee from the Planningboard;

  • "Show Unplanned" hides the Unplanned section if disabled;
  • "Show dependencies" shows all links between cards if enabled.

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